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Quantifying Music Quality, to Appreciate Music Value

The purpose of music ratings has always been well known to serious music lovers.

EARs© is the first working tool that rates music efficiently, providing True Music Ratings©.

Based on listeners ranking, our system rewards music that maintains quality over time.
In other words, longer tracks of equal ranked music are rewarded with higher ratings that express their true value contribution to the album and to listeners.

Results are exciting and efficient!

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  • True Music Ratings© for all your music, albums, and individual tracks
  • Organize, Categorize, Compare, and Classify your music
  • Make better music selections
  • Manage your collection and improve your music sessions
  • All Genres: Jazz, Rock, Classic, Blues etc.
  • Discover new music
  • Get acquainted to your music collection
  • Appreciate music value

What We Do

We are building a fresh new database of True Music Ratings©.

Our goal is to establish EARs© as a recognized standard of music ratings, that would serve the music industry and its audience.

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Quantifying Music Quality, to Appreciate Music Value.

Rating over Time

The Essential Album Rating Sys© rates music in proportion to their TIME length.
Longer tracks of similar ranked music are rewarded with higher ratings that express their true value contribution to the album and to listeners.
As for example, and by the system that we have built, a music track that extends over 12 minutes and ranked “Good” is given a HIGHER rating that a 6 minute track that also ranks “Good.”
And that makes perfect sense, because the contribution of these two tracks to the listener and to the overall quality of the album is different.

Accelerated Rating

The ability of an artist to create quality music requires a great deal of work with lots of talent, bursts of inspiration and tons of creativity. That’s when it all combines into a remarkable piece of art.
Each step higher on the quality scale of music demands exceptional much more of the above qualities.
But then, each step higher pays off at a growing rate on the scale of pleasure.

Appreciating this value of quality music, our system “accelerates” ratings, and steps up the point value for higher ranked music, expressing the true added value of higher ranked music.

The EARs© System

The EARs© system provides accurate music ratings based on Your Taste.

Music Ratings are displayed at the album level, going down to the resolution of tracks.

Differently from existing systems that employ the five star ranking, or a numbering scale system, EARs© “listens” to what you have to tell it about your music taste (choice selection) and it then processes that into the ART© rating engine that combines your choice with an Accelerated over Time rating algorithm©.

Ranking vs. Rating

What is the difference between ranking and rating music?

Music Ranking fairly describes and approximately evaluates the range of music quality:

Music quality could be specified in ranking terms such as Good, Very Good, Poor and so on.
A given track could differ in its ranking by various listeners, yet it would basically be agreed on, and accepted within the audience of a given genre.

Music Rating quantifies the value of music.

Given its subjective nature as a form of art, music quality and music value cannot be measured with definite-absolute accuracy.
However, we can narrow down the tolerance of this measure, if we first agree on a proposed ranking, and then – from that agreed ranking – extract and draw out our music rating.

How does the Allmusicrating system work?

There are two main options for using our rating system:

  1. First option is looking into ratings of albums and music you are not familiar with.
    Simply search and select the relevant result, and look into the overall ratings.
    Please do mind that we are in a Beta stage, meaning that our database of albums that have been rated by other users is in the process of accumulating new entries – so please be patient with results.
  2. Second option is to enter your own ratings to an album of your interest.

The system displays a snapshot of your ratings (My Rating), and the average rating of other users (Overall). These ratings detail every single track, and the complete album rating as figured out by the ART© rating engine.

How to use the Allmusicrating system

Suppose you would like to find the ratings of an album called “What a beautiful day.”

  • Type in your search term – or for this example, type “What a beautiful day” into the music search field.
  • Select the album of your choice with a DoubleClick, and now you will be presented a detailed insight of the selected album with all the information you need.
  • If you want to rate this album, then you simply begin my making the appropriate ranking selection for each track that is positioned at the far left field that’s beside each track. With every selection, the ranking window of choices would move to the next track. When you’re done with all tracks, you simply press the “Save” button.
  • At the bottom of this page you can add your own review in a very unique format that we have provided, whereby you are guided to submit a general review – or a detailed full review.

EARs© will now digest and process your input selections and determine the exact rating for each track and for the complete album as well.


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Allmusicrating is now giving away cash prizes to senior contributors!

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